10 Pranks That Will Tickle Their Funny Bones on April Fools' Day

From shower shenanigans to sweet toothpaste surprises

By Macaroni KID March 18, 2024

It's time to gear up for the most playful mission of the year — plotting pranks to delight our kids on April Fools' Day.

It used to be so easy — remember when they were so cute and little and thought it was hilarious if they stuck a note to your back and you acted like you didn't know? They would just giggle and giggle. If you're still in that stage, count yourself lucky.

For those of us with kids who are a little older and wiser, it's gotten more difficult to catch them off guard with a clever trick or two. But that just makes it more fun to try to try to pull something over on them. Just make sure you follow the golden rule of April Fools' Day pranks: Keep it light, keep it hilarious, and keep those smiles beaming from ear to ear! 

The other rule: Watch your back! Those kids like to pull one over on mom and dad too!

Here are 10 pranks to tickle your kiddos' funny bones on April Fools' Day:

1. Shower shenanigans

Get 'em before they've woken up all the way and realized what day it is. Drop a fake spider or bug in the shower and listen for the screams.

berkay08 | Canva

2. Magic milk 

Turn breakfast technicolor by adding a few drops of food coloring under their cereal. The real magic happens when they pour the milk and watch it transform before their eyes!

3. Sweet, sweet ... toothpaste?

Swap out a little bit of toothpaste with something sweeter, like whipped cream or frosting. Their faces when they taste it? Priceless!

4. Size 'em down

Pull that box of 'too small' clothes out of the closet or donation pile and place them in your child's drawer. When they get dressed in the morning, they'll be amazed at how much they have grown overnight!

5. Balloon bonanza

Have a heavy sleeper? Fill their bedroom with blown up balloons while they sleep and they'll wake up to a silly surprise.

6. Googly eyes galore

Stick googly eyes on everything in sight, from fruit to the microwave. The whole house will come alive with silly faces watching their every move!

Firn | Canva

7. Sticky situations

Tape or tie down everything in sight – utensils, remotes, even their school bag! It will have them laughing as they try to navigate through the day.

8. Phone fun

Have a kid old enough for a phone? Set a funny new alarm or ringtone on it, adding a touch of humor to their daily routine.

9. Lunchtime laugh

Sneak a gummy worm into their sandwich for a sweet and silly surprise at lunch.

Mykola Sosiukin | Canva

10. Dinner delight

Serve up "cupcakes" for dinner by baking mini meatloaves in muffin tins and topping them with mashed potato frosting. It's a deliciously deceptive twist that'll have them giggling with every bite!